We have updated our webpage, now it contains a larger portfolio of our works and price calculators

“DPS Advertising” has updated its internet webpage. We have looked into what our clients were anticipating from it and provided more information regarding our offered services, advertisement production possibilities and topped up our portfolio.

Our clients will be able to calculate the average advertising quicker and with more ease and comfort, you are just a few click away. For example, if you would like to know the preliminary average cost of producing your lightbox, please find the respective calculator in the service group part of the webpage. You will be able to insert the desired lightbox width, height, length, and respective sizes of the lighted area. After that, you will be able to see the preliminary production price excluding VAT.

“DPS Advertising” sets a foothold in London

“DPS Advertising” business in Great Britain is developing smoothly and is on the rise. We have stepped in to Great Britain’s market four years ago as a small business, situated in a London suburb, a branch of our company named “Promo signs Ltd”, employing five local Lithuanians. That number has doubled by now.

“A colleague was selling advertisement signs and ordered some of them at our business. That is when the idea to establish a company in England has been born, it would cut down costs and we would get closer to our customers. So, my former acquaintance became my new business partner” – says the head of “DPS Advertising” Tomas Alisauskas.