Car wrapping

A car, whether it is your personal or a company car, is an important asset not only as a mean of transportation, but also as a part of your image. A car that is wrapped in advertising texts and images will always be noticed. You can place not only advertising messages or images, but also your contact details on your car. We provide a full range of high-quality car wrapping services

  • Car advertising printing is an effective mean of advertising. It is a highly visible type of advertisement, very appealing to our customers, since it is probably the only external advertising that does not require any conciliation with any authorities and/or institutions.
  • Car color change by wrapping – a modern type of car color change when we wrap up the whole of your car, changing its color.

Such new technologies as wrapping up a part or the whole of your car requires a lot of experience and proper tools. And this is exactly what we have to offer you, to achieve the best possible result.

Contact us and we will not only advise you on the matter, but will also carry out all of the works in high quality, at a short time and for an affordable price.