Encrusted lightboxes

Encrusted lightbox is a bright and efficient outdoor mean of advertising. A lighted advertisement amongst simple advertising placards or signs is like a diamond next to some bijouterie. Take hold of the possibilities provided by illuminated advertising signs.

We design and produce signs of various profile and complexity: lightboxes, volumetric letters, informational signs, encrusted 3D signs, information signs etc.

Special precision and long-term experience are both needed to create illuminated signs. In case you need a light box with encrustation, our project managers, engineers, designers and craftsmen will cooperate with you on all stages of your order, from design to the production and proper sign/light box encrusting.

We produce our signs from aluminum, PVC profiles, Plexiglas, aluminum alloy plates and other materials.

The experience accumulated by our specialists and the variety of technologies at our disposal provides us with a possibility to produce items of superb quality. We offer LED elements to light your advertisements, which use 10 times less electricity than the daylight or neon lamps.

We also provide sign projects for your city’s municipality approval.



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