We offer you to choose a lightbox that would fully match your needs. We produce one and two-side DiaBox systems; BasicBox lightboxes from an aluminum alloy and Plexiglas; tent lightbox system BannerFlex; tent lightbox system DianoFlex®.

Single and double-sided lightbox systems DiaBox

DiaBox consists of an easily assembled and functional system, which conceals all of its assembly elements on the inside. It allows to change the advertisement quickly, easily and many times without disassembling the lightbox itself. All you have to do is bend the top hinged element and then easily change the advertisement


BasicBox lightboxes from an aluminium alloy and Plexiglas

This is a reliable, quickly produced and inexpensive system for outdoor and indoor advertisement. The advertising part is fixed to the housing and the lightbox side with screws. The system consists of an aluminum alloy, a LED module, Plexiglass, power source and PVC plastic.


Tent lightbox system BannerFlex

This system consists of a Led module, lighthouse tent, alluminium alloy and an aluminium profile (frame).


Tent lightbox system DainoFlex®

DainoFlex® is a 140 mm deep aluminum profile tent stretching system. This system is created for use with especially large tent lightboxes. This system is meant to install tent signs both indoor and outside. It’s comfortable profile system tent can be replaced at very little cost.