Digital printing processing

Digital print processing is an act of preparing post-press production for issue. Our specialists will promptly and efficiently carry out all of the necessary post-printing processing works – all you will need to do is enjoy the results.

We use the modern Swiss ZUND G3 3XL 3200 cutting and milling machine – which is the most modern and fast equipment in the world in the area of digital printing cutting. Swiss quality helps to ensure precision not only in clock working – you can be sure of that after you see how our equipment operates.

Contact our specialists and we will offer you the needed digital print processing services for an affordable price.

With the help of easily interchangeable modules, we can produce many various forms, cuts, and cut both soft and hard materials of various kinds and thickness, including flexible materials, rolls or cutouts, we can bend, cut, perforate and execute any other works needed to achieve the best possible result.

We can easily cut various materials, sheets, rolls or cutouts with the help of easily interchangeable modules:

#   Module photo


Module name


Material names

UCT universal cutting module can cut both soft and hard materials up to 5 mm thick.

Foils, plastic

Paper, cardboard

Textile, leather, tents

Pneumatic, oscillation cut module POT can through up to 50 mm thick materials

Foam rubber, sponges

Corrugated cardboard, cardboard

Rubber,                caoutchouc technical plastics

3   Universal WCT roller knife cuts very thin textile and mesh

Flag material, taffeta, satinet


Felt, lining

Technical textile

4   An angled knife cuts materials in a certain angle in order to bend them.

Honeycomb cardboard RE-BOARD

Paper, cardboard, plastic

Corrugated cardboard

5   High-speed milling module with cooling and automatic tool changing RM-A


Aluminum alloy

Upholstery plywood panels


Cuting, bending, perforation modules

Corrugated cardboard

Paper, cardboard, plastic

Honeycombed cardboard Re-Board