Printing services

We offer you our printing services – quickly, qualitatively, safely and on time.

We will offer you the best and most appropriate printing service type for an affordable price, all according to your unique requests and needs.

  • UV printing – a technology best suited to ornament: wallpapers, tents, stickers, laminated surfaces, glass, mirror, furniture panels, wood, metal, stone, various fabrics and similar surfaces. It is a technology providing an especially accurate and clear image and the print itself is really resistant to brushing and scratching. UV Printing works do not take a lot of time and there is no special paint drying period or any time to wait prior to the actual use of the painted object.
  • Sublimation printing – a technology best suited to print on polyester and ensuring, that the image will stay bright on the object for an especially long time. We offer sublimation printing to print your flags and banners.
  • Solvent printing – a technology allowing us to transfer high quality, bright color and long-lasting prints on the surface of an object of any size or form. We use solvent printing for advertising placards, tents, wallpapers, canvas, car decoration films, sticking labels, etc.
  • Digital printing – is an easy and fast paint to transfer your image or text to the surface you want it to be placed on. We print various volumes, types and varieties of documents, publications, business cards, stickers, advertising booklets or any other type of printed production you need.
  • Digital printing processing – is a process when our professional process all of printed production prior to its final release. We use our Swiss made ZUND G3 3XL 3200 cutting and milling machine to achieve any needed forms, cuts, including cutting both soft and hard materials of various sorts and thickness, flexes, rolls or cutouts.

Contact us and we will offer you the needed service for a reasonable price.