Advertising stands

Promotional stands are one of the most important parts of your trade representation or show appearance success. The way the stands look and the period of time they stay neat and beautiful, even the way they are positioned, all of this makes a huge impact on the effectiveness of your advertising and sales. We can design, produce and decorate any promotional stand, which you need.

  • Individual stands are irreplaceable if you want your goods to look exceptionally good and draw everyone’s attention to your business. We do not just produce promotional stands of various sizes, but also offer unique stand designs according to your products, which they will represent, taking in account their form, color and other appearance specifics.
  • Corrugated cardboard stands allow you to expose your goods to the public in the trading area apart from other goods shelves, near the wall or any other shelves. These stands can be easily added or removed. Corrugated cardboard is a very popular material for promotional stands.
  • Re-board cardboard panel stands are light, durable and at the same time – inexpensive. These qualities make these panels an especially promising material to be used.
  • Textile stands are a modern and effective mean of advertising, which is especially easy in transportation and installation but draws a lot of attention from potential customers and clients.

Contact us and we will carefully create the promotional stands, which will suit your individual goods and their arrangement type, from the material, which you find the most suitable, and a price you will find acceptable.