Corrugated cardboard stands

Corrugated cardboard stands allow you to exhibit your goods at your shopping place separate from other shelves, at a wall or near other shelves, by moving them around. This is a perfect solution if you want to temporarily exhibit your goods and you want to be highly visible at a marketing place or any other location.

You can choose to either order one of our corrugated cardboard stand designs from our display library or specify a type of stand we will create according to your individual order. Our qualified designers will use the EngView Package Designer software and design your displays even if your ideas and wishes are very sophisticated. You will be able to observe the 3D visualization of your future stand on your own computer, prior to its production, by using the Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

We use high-quality UV digital printing with our corrugated cardboard stands and they just cannot go unnoticed by the customers.

Contact us and we will create your corrugated cardboard stands and displays according to all of your goods you want to exhibit and properly place in your marketing area. All of this for an affordable price.